Sanlam Umbrella Fund Scheme
Sanlam Income Fund
The Sanlam Income Fund is suitable for customers who wish to invest their money in secure assets through regular or once-off savings.


  • Funds are invested in high-quality interest-bearing assets such as fixed deposits and government securities in the Ugandan market
  • The fund's yield consists of compounded interest that is calculated daily and distributed monthly into the client's account
  • It is free to set up the account (no initial fees)
  • It is a low risk fund
  • The fund is ideal as a safe parking for money in the short term to medium term. It is a good option for individual, corporate and joint investors.
  • The minimum investment for an account is UGX 100,000/-


  • Secure: The Sanlam Income fund has a capital guarantee
  • Efficiency: Quick and easy access to funds
  • Interest: Interest is compounded and is calculated on a daily basis
  • Flexibility: The period to invest is not fixed or contractual
  • Top ups: Investors can top up anytime as they wish and as low as UGX 50,000/-
  • Management: Managed by experienced and professional asset managers. The money is held by a trusted company separate from the managing company
  • Performance: Historically the Sanlam Income Fund has performed better than the bank fixed deposits
  • Rate: The rate is equivalent to the yield of the underlying investments